Harvard Humanist Alumni

About Us

HHA has more than 950 Harvard-affiliated members, and our mailing list also includes more than 2,500 Humanist friends. About 60% of our members are in the Boston area, with smaller concentrations in California, New York, Connecticut, Illinois and D.C.  40% of our alumni members graduated from Harvard College, with 60% coming from the Harvard graduate and professional schools.

The Board of Directors of Harvard Humanist Alumni is:

  • Peter Blake, EdD 10, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Program for Evolutionary Dynamics
  • Kelly Bodwin, AB 11
  • Jonathan Dreyer, EdM 08
  • Greg Epstein, MTS 07
  • John Lauritsen, AB 63
  • Brendan Randall, AB 88, EdM 07, MTS 09, EdD Expected 16

HHA members can reach all Board members by emailing HHA_Directors@memdir.org

If you are not yet an HHA member you can reach us by sending a message to HHA@memdir.org, but please note that your message will not be responded to immediately due to spam blocking procedures.